Why Shepherd of Peace Christian Academy?

Shepherd of Peace Christian Academy is different than many other schools.   Religion is a key component to our curriculum.  Where else can you find a basis for everything that is taught? God's Word has the answers to the questions we ponder: 

Who are we? Where did we come from? What is my purpose? Where am I going?

Our focus is sharing God's love with children and their families.  While your children are having fun with our many learning activities, we will also be teaching them the Christian values that they need to succeed in life: confidence, respect for others, cooperation, honesty, sharing and kindness. 

Strong schools are important to young families and members of our community, and we hope you will want to be part of our family.

What is the Enrollment Priority? 

Since Shepherd of Peace Christian Academy is an extension of the church, and the program was primarily established for our church member's children, members of Shepherd of Peace Lutheran have first priority for enrollment.

Children who are members of Shepherd of Peace Lutheran Church may register for the following school year on or after January 1.  Open registration for all others will begin on February 1.  Registration decisions will be based on date of application.

What is the Preschool Enrollment Policy?

By enrolling children in Shepherd of Peace Christian Academy, it is understood that all parents (members and nonmember), will agree with the policies and conditions set forth in the School Handbook.

What is the Enrollment in Policy for the Three-Year Old Program? 

Parents may apply for admission to Shepherd of Peace Christian Academy for a child who will be three years old by September 30th preceding the start of the school year.  Children must be fully toilet trained.  Class size is limited to 15 students.

What About Registration?

Parents who wish to enroll their child in the school program will receive an enrollment package, including an enrollment application, an immunization card and health form, and the School Handbook.

A non-refundable registration fee is due at the time of registration and does not apply towards tuition.  This fee will cover the cost of art materials, and miscellaneous supplies for the entire school year.  This non-refundable fee guarantees your child a place in the school class or waiting list.  Once the school receives your completed paperwork and fee, your child is considered enrolled.

What Will be the Daily Schedule? 

During each daily session, children will participate in a variety of activities, both self initiated and teacher-directed.  While allowing for flexibility and spontaneity, each session will generally include:
  • Opening Circle Time - Greeting, attendance, calendar and weather activities, planning for free choice activities.
  • "Work" Time - Children choose their activities in various areas of the room: art, manipulatives, dramatic play, blocks and building and various learning stations.
  • Bible Time - Each week we will focus on a story from God's Word, pray, sing and apply it to our lives.  Children will attend chapel once a week.
  • Whole Group Activities - Music and movement, finger plays, and games.
  • Snack Time/Sharing Time.
  • Theme Time - Group activities reflecting the week's theme.
  • Story Time and Review of the Day.

Christ is the cornerstone of our curriculum, therefore, interspersed throughout our day are prayers and religious songs and talk about God in connection with everyday activities.  We will celebrate religious and secular holidays during our school year.

What is Your Tuition?

Our 2015-16 monthly tuition rates are the following:


3yr olds  $ 135.00
4 & 5 yrs old  $ 190.00
Young 5 year olds  $ 245.00
Kindergarten Enrichment  $ 245.00
Kindergarten-Haf Day  $ 245.00
Kindergarten -Full Day  $ 385.00

Do You Offer Before or After School Care?

Yes.  Please speak to our Preschool Director for more information.