Our Mission

Mission Statement 

As part of the overall ministry of Shepherd of Peace Evangelical Lutheran Church, our school exists:


Shepherd of Peace Christian Academy


Mission Statement

  • to share the Word of God with those who do not know Him and affirm the faith of those who do
  • to work with parents to disciple their children and families.
  • to provide a Christ-centered, quality academic education in a safe and loving environment.


We LOVE Shepherd of Peace Academy for several reasons!  First of all, the ratio of teachers to students is more than other preschools to ensure personal attention and care.  Second, the curriculum is very thorough and effective to prepare the kids for kindergarten.  Third, the teachers are very loving and encouraging.  You can tell they truly love the children.  Those are just a few of the many reasons we love the academy!  In short, Shephed of Peace Academy provides excellent academic curriculum in a nurturing, loving and safe environment that reflects true Christian values.  We can't rave enough about the academy!

                                                                                                          Florence H.

Our daughter has really loved to go to school each morning and has grown and developed her knowledge more than we could have ever hoped.  Her teachers are great and dedicated - they are loving and really care about each student.  We will definitely be sending our younger child to Shepherd of Peace in the future.
                                                                                                           Ben B.

We have been so happy with Shepherd of Peace Christian Academy.  Both of our boys attended preschool at Shepherd of Peace and our youngest son is now participating in the Kindergarten Enrichment program.  The teachers have been amazing with our kids, not only preparing them for kindergarten with many different academic projects, but also by incorporating many important Bible Lessons and Christian activities in the classroom.  The preschool program was a wonderful experience for our children.  They both benefitted from the social interaction, classroom activities, and one-on-one time with their teachers.  The Kindergarten Enrichment program is particularly impressive with the many different academic concepts they focus on, including learning to write and identify letters and numbers, reading words and short sentences, recognizing patterns, identifying colors and shapes and the list goes on!  The staff really makes the difference in they they are so welcoming and dedicated to seeing their students grow.  I would recommend Shepherd of Peace to anyone looking for a preschool or kindergarten program.  It does an excellent job of balancing children's academics, social development, and Christian ideas by a caring and nurturing staff.
                                                                                                            Brecke P.

As a working mom, I struggled with providing the best daycare, Christian education and learning environment possible for my children.  I tried the fancy, expensive, and pretty daycare centers in town with much disappointment.  One of those difficult days I dropped my son off crying debating how I could quit my job when my salary was essential!  I asked myself what would I do if I was a stay at home mom.  I drove straight to Shepherd of Peace with tears in my eyes and was greeted by the kindest and warmest caregivers, educators and people.
They assured me that although they cannot provide "daycare" they could help.  The next day my son was enrolled!  I found another mom willing to car pool my son to his sitter after preschool and have not had one issue since!
SOP provides the Christian foundation I believe every child needs at that young of age and somehow amazingly gets more work done in 2 1/2 hours than any other preschool I had yet to experience.  I was so impressed that I renrolled both of my boys in their all day, full-time kindergarten  program and am proud to say my sons were more than prepared for First grade at Olentangy schools.  In addition, the small size of the classrooms allowed my boys to blossom and build strong friendships with all their classmates.  I would highly recommend SOP and would not have a changed a thing!    
                                                                                                                Brenda B.

In August of 2010 we had a job transfer that landed us in Powell, OH.  My son, Bryce, had a late September birthday and we knew he wasn't ready for Kindergarten yet.  When researching preschool options we were excited when we found Shepherd of Peace Christian Academy.  The program included a young 5's class that interacted with the Kindergarten students, plus it was a Christ centered education.  We were thrilled with our choice, Bryce thrived in this environment.  The teachers are exceptional and the low student ratio enhances the learning opportunities.  We have continued to attend this year with the Kindergarten Enrichment program.  Shepherd of Peace has helped provide my son with a strong educational and spiritual foundation.

                                                                                                                Karen G.

I know Shepherd of Peace Preschool will.  My two older sons, now age 10 and 7 are alumnis, and my youngest son is currently enrolled in their 3 year old program.  In fact, my 10 year old was part of their first graduating class!  My 7 year old attended their Kindergarte program (they didn't have a kindergarten program when my 10 year old was there) too because he loved he school so much.  Today, they are both successful students in elementarty school, due in no small credit to Shepherd of Peace!  Looking back, it seems time has just flown by.  Yet, as a parent we all know that the adults our children will become doesn't just happen.  It's a series of hardworking dedication, blessed moments, lessons learned, and faith instilled by equally hardworking, dedicated, and faithful people.  We are so very blessed to have found such people at Shepherd of Peace.
                                                                                                                Suzanna L.

I was referred to Shepherd of Peace by a good friend of mine.  My son at the time was almost 5, had done 2 years of preschool already but missed the cutoff date for Kindergarten enrollment in the public schools.  I enrolled my son in Shepherd of Peace's half day Kindergarten to give him a headstart at learning.  I loved it so much that instead of enrolling him in the public schools, I had him attend SOP's full day kindergarten program the following year.  
The education my son received at SOP put him far above his fellow students when entering first grade.  At SOP he received one on one attention and was exposed to things he would not have seen in the public schools such as Spanish and music.  I was so impressed with the program that I decided to work at SOP.                                                                                                                
                                                                                                                   Erica H